Lozeraptor 10: Musicsoundsbetterwithme — That Kinda Music

I remember being very young, maybe 7 or 8 years old, and being in the car with my Mum, driving to Wales. We were meeting some family who had rented a cottage in Snowdonia. I vividly recall the music for the journey up there was a mixture of: Queen — Greatest Hits 2, Eagles — Hotel California, and compilation of classic 80s tracks such as; 19, Geno and True. I remember the journey was dark…not sure why…maybe we had left mega early to get there for a good time in the morning. I was sitting in the backseat, reading out the song titles to Mum, because that’s what I did, and I’m sure Mum did not have more important things to focus on…like driving!

I have always been interested in listening to music and also interested in the reaction that music can create; the emotions it can unravel. Rightly or wrongly there are always pieces of music that take you mentally back to a bad time and there are always pieces of music that transport you mentally back to good times. It really is quite a powerful tool. I cannot fathom how people can say they don’t like music. I was once having a conversation with someone and I mentioned a band, thinking it was someone like The Eagles, and the person’s response astounded me because they, apparently, had never heard of The Eagles. I spoke to someone else about this conversation and this other person said something like; “when you’re busy you don’t pay attention to what’s on the radio…” this comment also astounded me.

I thought some more and I recall a few years ago when I was in a different stage in my life, the music I was hearing was very different to the music from 2–3 years earlier and, when I would meet up with friends and go to bars and clubs, this music would be playing and it caused me anxiety because I had no idea what it was, I felt completely out of my depth, like I had lost ‘x’ amount of years and woken up in a bad dream. This led me onto thinking about when I had started secondary school. In 1997, there was music such as Beetlebum by Blur, Men In Black by Will Smith and Your Woman by White Town, along with Sunchyme by Dario G, Barbie Girl by Aqua and Spice Up Your Life by the Spice Girls. I do not recall any of this music being in the same year. If someone had asked me ‘what music was released in 1997?’ I would have said Barbie Girl and Sunchyme but not the others. And then I think that, these other songs must have been in the same year but, consciously I had removed that fact of life.

Point being, I kind of understand where the comment of “when you’re busy you don’t pay attention to what’s on the radio…” comes from. At the same time, I think you grow into music…and you also grow out of music. I mean, I no longer listen to music by Spice Girls or East 17 but that does not mean I no longer own the CDs. Over the past few years I have grown more into general pop music. BY general pop music, I’m not talking about the sugarcoated radio friendly trite (although some of it is questionably OK) but the stuff that is just outside the mainstream border. Additionally I think you reach an age or a way of thinking that you like what you like and you don’t really care what sort of impression that makes.

Feeling like a bit of an oddball though, I always wanted to justify my music tastes, I suppose to fit in with the people I was hanging around with. Nowadays it’s fairly normal for me to be listening to Johnny Cash, En Vogue, Metallica and Kylie Minogue in one sitting.

But, when you hear that one bit of music that makes you go “oooh” and gives you goosebumps, that is something special. Lately, for me, it’s defining that 90s sound, and I hate to use the term but, it’s almost that 90s grunge-esque indie sound; early-mid nineties indie; Manics, Elastica, Echobelly, Menswear, Feeder, Ash; the heavier sound, the sound that takes me back to fantasising about being at those sorts of gigs or playing that sort of music in my band. So, with that in mind, please see below some songs that remind me of that nineties’ sound:

Feeder — Yesterday Went Too Soon. The lyrics are something special, painting a picture of a grey rainy day overlooking concrete.

Manic Street Preachers — You Love Us. A real attitude to this song pre-Everything Must Go.

Echobelly — Great Things. “I wanna do great things, I don’t wanna compromise”. So true.

Easyworld — You & Me. A real sexy swing to this song.

Garbage — Only Happy When It Rains. Love Love Love Shirley Manson in 1995 and LOVE LOVE LOVE this song; “pour your misery down on me”.

JJ72 — Snow. Simple and effective.

Wolf Alice — Moaning Lisa Smile. Not 90s but just effing amazing.

Stereophonics — Looks Like Chaplin. The Phonics’ 1st album was full of classics. This one just makes me want to sing out and jump around.

Hole — Malibu. OK, not Indie, but similar sort of style. And a beautiful song.

Jimmy Eat World — Episode IV. Beauty is defined by this song. The sort of song that magic could happen to.

Placebo — Hang On To Your IQ. A tale of, I think, sexual escapades. Subtle and the definition of that sound.

Does all that make sense? I cannot define eloquently what I really mean. I just love that kind of slow-ish heavy build up kind of music. Even at times the kind of music that gets you emotional — hits a nerve. Taking nothing away from other types of music, this style defines my taste in guitar-based music.

Signing off for now, speak to you next time.