Lozeraptor — Musicsoundsbetterwithme

So….I am at a loss with the majority of modern music that I hear. Most of it sounds the same and is sung in a lazy, drony, raspy (I think it’s meant to be sexy) voice, mispronouncing grammar and is, frankly, shit. There is, I believe, hope in certain corners of the music industry but, the hope is few and far between. I think, for my generation, music turned shit in the mid 2000s. There were fads of; rappers and singers using auto-tune, rappers singing, R&B singers rapping, random dance acts appearing collaborating with rappers and R&B singers, the pop chart full of various styles of music but no definition. It was like, every song that was played on a radio station or on MTV was the same dance beat with the same lyrics sung by different people, all about being in clubs and having a great night. On paper, the Charts looked like someone had shaken up a fountain pen and the random dots had appeared and all joined up to make one massive dull ache. It irritated me. A few years earlier there had been an explosion of Indie bands which was great to start off with and then, every other day there was a new Indie band playing the same song with the same lyrics. I suppose a positive of this is that it opened up people’s eyes to Indie but, a lot of shit Indie. I am swearing a lot today, sorry.

The music was not all bad. I continued to buy music throughout the 2000s but, there was nothing that frequent that was outstanding. It was like previous decades had introduced the world to something: The 50s was Rock and Roll and Blues, the 60s was British Beat, R&B (not the Urban variety), Garage Rock, Folk, and very early nods to what would become Heavy Metal. The 70s; Disco, Punk, Funk, Glam. The 80s; Hip Hop, Metal, New Wave, New Romantic, Hardcore, Indie, Electronica. The 90s: All of the above, progressed with the era of sugarcoated pop acts (boy bands, girl bands) which transcended into the 2000s…and then 2000s onwards, a mish mash of WHAT-IS-ACTUALLY-GOING-ON?!

It’s not only the above but it’s also that, very few music artists seemed to want to make a statement with their music. TV shows like Pop Idol and all the trite that followed in that genre made a mockery of the music industry. In the small handful of times I’ve had to endure an episode of Pop Idol or X Factor, I have never heard a contestant say “music is my life”. When The Manic Street Preachers were looking to get signed they were so desperate to make music, that one of the band actually had cut himself out of desperation and frustration to prove a point. I’m not saying that wannabe musicians should cut themselves, and I am also not making light of a serious topic, but I am saying “show me passion, show me how badly you want this”. Instead of passion, all I am hearing is “I really want to be a pop star because it’s what my dead Nan would have wanted”. What about what YOU want? If the only reason YOU want to be a singer is because of someone else’s wish then you do not belong in the music industry.

An example of an amazing song that sums up how I feel is by a band called H2O, and the title of the song is What Happened?. I had never heard the band, H2O, until I saw them in 2008 and I was blown away. This song is one of the best songs I have ever heard. It is a punk song but it reflects how I feel about music in general and alludes to the above. I love the lyrics: “What happened to the passion? What happened to the reason for screaming? What happened to the music and the message that I love?” It’s a cry out at the Punk and Hardcore scene but also can be directed at Hip Hop, Pop, Indie, Dance….please listen to this song. The other amazing thing about the band is that the singer, Toby Morse, promotes positivity and is an absolute inspiration.

Rant over. I’m not an angry person but I can be passionate about things. On a lighter note, here is a playlist to win you back; a collection of standout music from 2010–2020.

CeeLo Green — Bright Lights Bigger City (2010)

Lulu & The Lampshades — Cups (2011)

Rihanna — Diamonds (Shahaf Moran Remix) (2012)

Hozier — Take Me To Church (2013)

Wolf Alice — Moaning Lisa Smile (2014)

The Prodigy — The Day Is My Enemy (2015)

Japanese Breakfast — Everybody Wants To Love You (2016)

Harry Styles — Sign Of The Times (2017)

Maisie Peters — In My Head (2018)

DJ Khaled Feat. Cardi B & 21 Savage — Wish Wish (2019)

Louis Tomlinson — Walls (2020)

Enjoy the playlist, I’m signing off for now, thanks for reading…